Musings: The call to hold space

Last year, after the summer holidays, my spiritual guides warned me that the final months of 2019 and early 2020 would be difficult. Although I love my guides, at the time, I did not take their words too seriously. Our camping trip had left me with an abundance of inner love and strength; surely, I would be able to handle whatever was to come? However, as winter approached, the energy gradually changed, my inner lightness giving in to an increasing sense of heaviness and darkness, making it hard to connect to my divine self and to maintain my balance. At times, I would disappear into the agony of old wounds, feeling I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Until about a month ago. Around the time when our country started taking measures against the Corona virus, I felt like a weight had fallen off my shoulders. I could breathe again; I regained my capacity to metaphysically journey, and I once more could hear my guides after a long time of 'radio silence'. Although outside the world was disappearing in the increasing turmoil of our society ravaged by a rapidly spreading virus and our collective attempt to contain its impact, I was strangely feeling relieved. Happy almost. But, also disoriented. As our society moved into emergency mode, doctors, nurses, policymakers and other professionals in vital parts of our infrastructure working at maximum capacity, the mother in me was faced with a house to run. With five adolescents, three girls of our own and two boyfriends, full-time at home, and my long time help in quarantine, there's plenty to do, groceries, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and such filling a good part of my schedule. But my professional self, the writer, the painter, came to a standstill, not knowing where to go or what to do next. I would watch the frenzy on tv, thinking I should volunteer somewhere; writing and painting felt so inadequate. At the same time, more than ever, I felt the urge to go within.

When I presented my guides with this dilemma, their answer was simple. "This crisis does not change who you are, and it does not change your talents or skills. Each of you can only react from your essence and who you are in this moment in time with all your qualities and shortcomings. None of you have all the ideas, skills or resources to deal with this emergency. The extent to which humanity is willing to cooperate and join forces will determine your effectiveness in coping with this crisis. Each of you needs to take the place you were born to take. No role is more important than the other. They all fit together. Humanity needs to learn that nurturing is key to life. The mother taking care of a baby is as important as the CEO of a large corporation. The farmer taking care of the land is as important as the president of the country. Being plays as vital a role as doing. It is the re-emergence of the feminine qualities of humankind. You find yourselves at the end of a timeline, and there is no returning to the old. This crisis is a game-changer, marking the beginning of a shift in global consciousness. You are now collectively in a period of transition; the outcome is up in the air. So, ask yourself: how you can serve best? What is your natural place in the order of things? Some of you are needed at the front lines taking care of the sick or taking care of the infrastructure to facilitate life. Others among you are needed to maintain stability and serve as an anchor, taking care of yourselves, of your families, your work and the community to which you belong. And, if you can, provide the spiritual bedding for this change to unfold."

After hearing these words, I surrendered, knowing fully well I am amongst those who are being called to go within to hold space. Still, I do not find it easy; partly, because my old self still values doing over being, and partly because my system has a hard time grounding in this incredible turmoil now present in the collective field. So, for those of you who find themselves in a similar struggle, these are some of the things we can do to support ourselves.

1. Cleanse
Cleanse our cupboards, our basements, our house. Cleanse our bodies, detox. When we cleanse, we raise our vibration and make room for the new to emerge.

2. Breathe & ground
Do breathing exercises, take cold showers, exercise, be in nature, it strengthens our body and spirit.

3. Meditate.
Find silence daily, as long as we can as often as we can. Align with our divine self, expand our awareness to unity consciousness. Ask the Universe for what we need. Focus on the vision of the reality we wish to create for ourself, for humanity and the planet.

4. Be aware & choose love
Monitor ourself. Our fears from this or other lives will be triggered in this crisis. Embrace them, breathe through them and transform them; bring old soul parts to source and return to our heart centre. Ask ourself what love would do.

5. Join forces
Connect to our local community. Share our experiences. Laugh together and cry together. Meditate together. Join our energy field to that of others. It will multiply our impact.

6. Follow your impulse
Listen within. What is the impulse? What is the creative force compelling us to do next? Trust our divine self.

7. Value small contributions
Remember that what serves one, serves all.

I pray that this crisis may lead to the emerging of a better world.

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