Occasionally, I share diary fragments or channelings about my journey or the process of transformation that we as humanity are going through. 

My musings are usually prompted by my multidimensional self, and when I put pen to paper, I often don't know what it will be about with my conscious personality. Over the years I have learned to listen to these messages; they give me strength, knowledge and direction. I hope it's of some use to you too.


Musings: The call to hold space (2)

24 August 2021 — “Go write,” my guides suggested. But I didn't want to; those nightly downloads disrupt my wake-sleep rhythm. So, I stayed in bed and finally fell asleep. Early in the morning, around 3:30 am, I was suddenly wide awake and heard again, "Go write, it's important." Sigh. All right then. And so as not to disturb my love, I crept through the house in my slippers to our living room, lit the candles and took my pen. This is what I got.

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Musings: Dragonenergy

6 September 2020 — Last tuesday, when I picked up my brush, I heard a guide’s voice in my head: ‘start with blue.’ So I chose a cyan oil paint and started filling the board. Then, as I have often experienced in my healings, my hand started moving by itself in larger and larger circles.

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An anchor of love

7 May 2020 — When the corona crisis was in its early stages, I met Herman Kastermans who has made it his life's work to develop a technology to charge solid materials with various energies for healing purposes.

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Musings: The call to hold space

9 April 2020 — Last year, after the summer holidays, my spiritual guides warned me that the final months of 2019 and early 2020 would be difficult. Although I love my guides, at the time, I did not take their words too seriously. Our camping trip had left me with an abundance of inner love and strength; surely, I would be able to handle whatever was to come?

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The next phase of healing

12 November 2019 — One afternoon, in the sauna, I bump my head. Not that hard, but painful still. While I stretch out on my towel, rubbing the sore spot, I realise this is a warning. All creation comes from the field; all our experiences mirror our inner state of being...

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