Multidimensional constellation days


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Target audience

Lightworkers and HSPs with experience in the field of personal and energetic development.


Maximum 4


Beukenrodelaan 2E, Doorn, The Netherlands


Bring your own lunch; we provide coffee, thee and snacks.


9.30 am reception
10.00 am start until 5.30 pm


Individuals: 230 euro incl. VAT 

Self-employed: 230 euro excl. VAT 

Each session has room for 1 participant with a limited budget. If you want to make use of this, please contact us via email to inquire about availability.


If so listed behind your date of choice, you can be put on the waiting list and you will be notified if a place becomes available.


We are open to organising an english spoken workshop in Doorn, the Netherlands, upon request. If you are interested in an english-spoken multidimensional constellation workshop, please send the completed registration form by email to and, if applicable, a link to your website.


The impact of a multidimensional constellation begins from the moment of application, when you connect with your intent for healing. It is advisable to eat clean and not to use alcohol in the days before the workshop.

Admission criteria

You have been working on your personal and spiritual development for several years, you know your most important themes and you have worked them out in therapy, healings and/or family constellations. You have previously taken courses in intuitive development, healing, systemic work or yoga. You meditate with some regularity and/or do body work such as yoga. You know the importance of altered states of awareness and how to achieve them. You are able to ground yourself and regulate your emotions.


You cannot participate if you are on psychiatric medication and/or in treatment at a mental health institution, you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you have a psychiatric diagnosis such as schizophrenia, borderline or multiple personality disorder or suffer from acute PTSD and are unable to self-regulate, or when you are burdened with black magic in this life.

International workshops

Invitations for workshops outside of the Netherlands can be addressed to my assistant Marian van Offeren: or call +31 6 43 70 60 46.


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