06 maart 2019

In this HMD lecture Chantal will explain how our earthly challenges such as disease and unhealthy life circumstances through a combination of constellation- and healing-techniques can be traced to the cosmic time and place of origin and then be transformed, thus liberating a piece of the souls’ potential for incarnation in this lifetime. She will talk about working with frozen soul-parts; past, present, parallel and future lives, earthly and extraterrestrial realities, collective fields, spheres, the soul, source and the zero-point field. She will explain the occurrence of a lash-back after a multi-dimensional healing and how to deal with it; the difference between working via the electro-magnetic field (via energetic form) and through scalar waves (beyond form) and the boundaries and cosmic laws to be respected. She presents her work as a ‘working model’, to be updated over time as fields change and our consciousness grows.


Venue: Jurys Inn Oxford Hotel and Conference Venue, Godstow RD, OX2 8AL Oxford, Oxfordshire

Time: 17.00 - 18.30

This lecture is open to the public and is free of charge